Land Sale - Boambee East

Daryl and Jan Ravenscroft , 13 Feb 2017

We started our land sale experience by placing our land for sale on the local "Buy, Swap, Sell" web site. This was a bit of a failure. We received some phone calls from Real Estate agents making rash promises on how they were going to market our land quickly and for huge sums of money. We then had a phone call from Shayne Long from Langlands Property. There were no rash promises from Shayne. He explained where the market was going in the area, explained the process and how the fees were structured and how he would manage the sale of the property. There was no pressure to use his services, just friendly advice. We decided to give Shayne the contract to sell our land and put a 3 month time limit on the contract. This did not worry him. During the period of the contract up to and after the sale of the land Shayne maintained very good communications with us by phone and email, keeping us up to date with the progress of the sale. Due to his excellent skills we were able to realize the price that we wanted for the land and the sale was completed well under the three month contract. If we venture into the world of Real Estate again we will definitely use the services of Shayne Long.